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Pin-Up Faeries, Cat-Girls, Fangs, Mermaids, Devil-Chicks, Naked Centaurs...In Lust, In Bondage and In Love. Glittering Anthropomorphic, Gothic and Erotic paintings.
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Welcome to the new and improved website of Fine artist Gregory Scaff.

His provocative and sensual art seeks to express the  beauty and transcendence of Being in a way which envisages an alternative universe, one that is often gothic and/or erotic.  Gregory Scaff draws inspiration from the Fauves and Abstract Expressionists to create a macabre and primal art.
Du Nyla, qenai meinai thizai liuboston.

The artwork on this site is intended for a select group of adults; if you are not 18+, or not an adult legally in your community, please exit this site. Some may find certain imagery disturbing; if you are disturbed. please exit this site. If you are insufficiently disturbed , then continue. Please note: All images are copyrighted. Please ask about each painting's exhibition history.

Erotica, Pagan, SciFi, & Fantasy. Uncensored Art for Uncensored Minds



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